Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

What is 1-800-Haul-Out and what do you do?
1-800-Haul-Out is a full service junk removal company.
What sort of Junk do you take?
We try to distance ourselves from the term “JUNK” because we know that for some people, their possessions mean more to them than "junk." We take any and all unwanted items; household or office furniture, construction or yard debris, sheds, swing sets, hot tubs- we haul-out just about anything.
What type of materials can you NOT take?
We are not authorized to remove hazardous materials such as propane tanks, gasoline, and certain types of paint.
Does your company also provide a moving service?
No. We operate out of a 16 yard dump truck, not a moving vehicle. For insurance reasons, we cannot guarantee the safety of your items during transport. However, we highly recomend calling FlexBox Moving & Storage ( or give them a call at 1-800-349-4599.
How are you different then the competitors?
We have similar processes, but the distinction is our service technicians (The Haul-Out Heroes) maintain ongoing relationships with our clients and business partners. We are members of the community we service. We care about recycling and donating materials, and will not consider a job complete until the customer is 100% satisfied with the work we provide. We like to see our client’s first Haul-Out as the BEGINNING of our relationship, not the end. We give back to the community we service and strive to live up to the name “Hero” by constantly living by our motto; challenge expectations.

What if I'm uncomfortable with the idea of strangers coming into my home? 
All of our Haul-Out Heroes are professionally trained, polite, fully uniformed technicians and we pride ourselves on their etiquette. In the service industry, TRUST is everything. We aim to gain the trust of our clients by providing a reliable and loyal service.  We NEVER leave a client unhappy and we work hard to keep it that way. Our goal is not only to make sure you are satisfied with our services, but to ensure our employees live up to the name "Hero." After we send our heroes to your location, you will receive a follow up call by one of our customer service representatives to make sure your Haul-Out experience challenged your expectations. 

How does your process work?
·  Schedule with us by either calling our representatives at 1-800-428-5688 or visiting our website at
·  We work in 2 hour time blocks, but you can specify a time that works best for you.
·  Our guys will call you 30min before arriving at your property.
·  They will take a look at what you have, and provide you with a free no-obligation estimate.
·  It’s up to you how you’d like to proceed from there…
You can have them do the work then and there; you can reschedule for a later date, or just keep our estimate.
How soon after I schedule an appointment can you make it to my location?
We try to  arrive same-day or next day for our customers, but it’s also a first booked first served process, so we recommend scheduling in advance, then calling the 1-800-428-5688 if anything changes in your schedule closer to the date.
How do you determine the price?
We charge based on the weight and volume of the items being loaded into our truck. Inclusive in the price is the labor, transportation costs, and disposal fees. Our guys are professionals and will show you how our prices are determined on our price sheet. Every situation for us is unique. For example, a truckload of heavy materials such as gravel will cost more than a truckload of lighter materials such as cardboard.
Does the customer have to sort the items and bag them, or do you do it for them?
We are full-service; all our customers have to do is point to the items they don’t want, and our guys do all the loading and lifting. We’ll even help you sort through and organize the items if requested!
What types of payment can you accept?
We accept both check and credit on site. Upon request, we will e-mail you an invoice with the price and specifics for payment options.
What happens to the items once they are removed?
All of the items we haul-out are properly sorted and disposed of at the appropriate facilities. We recycle roughly 70% of the materials we haul-out, and donate any high quality items as often as possible.
Do you provide any services other than just removing items?
Yes. We provide demolition services, carpet removal, hot tub and large item removal; whatever service you require we can accommodate to the best of our abilities, remove the items, and sweep up after to ensure your satisfaction. 

Who primarily uses your service?
At some point everyone needs a haul out, and we do everything from large single item removals to full house and office clean-outs. Realtors, homeowners, hoarders, senior citizens, disabled people, people preparing to move, landlords with items left from evicted tenants, contractors with construction debris, and more. For example, in the same afternoon, our guys cleaned out 3 basements damaged by hurricane Katrina and removed a sofa from a disabled woman’s home. Where there’s a need for a haul-out, our guys always find a way.
What do you mean by Challenge Expectations?
Challenge Expectations has become our mantra at Haul-Out, and it goes back to the origins of the company. Haul Out began as 2 guys in a pick-up truck 9 years ago. No one expected today that we’d have 8 fully functional dump trucks, a hard working uniformed team of professionals, and a call center with polite and efficient customer service representatives. We continue to challenge expectations by going above and beyond what is expected of a junk removal company. Yes we show up on time, price fairly, and get the job done quickly… But we also strive to make our customers feel comfortable in their own homes, behave polite and friendly while maintaining a high standard of professionalism, and accommodating any special needs or requests from our customers. For example, a customer called and told us she was sick, so our guys picked her up a new bottle of niquil! In this way, we challenged her expectations.
Why the Haul-Out Hero?
We believe in giving back to the community, keeping it clean, creating a standard of excellence and facilitating a culture of challenging expectations. Many of our customers call because they have no other options and desperately need help. That’s when we send our heroes to come save the day! Everyone needs a haul-out, and everyone needs a hero they can depend on.

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Our MOST Frequently Asked Questions

What types of junk can you remove?
We can remove just about anything you'd find around a home or office, from unwanted items, appliances, construction and yard debris and old furniture. We even demolish swing sets and sheds and can remove pianos.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check or credit card as payment for your satisfaction of the completed work.
What types of junk can you NOT remove?
Hazard waste, chemicals, gasoline, propane cylinders and certain types of paints cannot be removed by our truck teams, however, most times we can help you dispose of these items by other means.
Where does my junk go?
As often as possible 1-800-HAUL-OUT will donate or recycle debris, however, recyclable or donated items vary greatly depending on different markets. Approximately 70% of the debris we remove is donated or recycled.