Who We Are & What We Believe!Who We Are & What We Believe!

About 1-800-HAUL-OUT  is a full service haul-out and junk removal company. We do all the work, start to finish, for every one of our valued customers.  Simply call 1-800-428-5688 to speak with our customer service representatives, or book online to schedule your FREE estimate so you can meet our Haul-Out Heroes!  

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Our professional and courteous team of Haul Out Heroes will gladly do whatever it takes to provide you with the best customer service imaginable! We will get the job done quickly and professionally. Our main goal is to earn your trust and faith in our service. Our motivated team members go above and beyond what is expected of a junk/ garbage removal company in order to challenge YOUR expectations. We follow up with every one of our customers to ensure that our Heroes lived up to their name, achieved their mission, and provided the best service possible for your unique haul-out needs.

You can be a hero too, just by choosing 1-800-Haul-Out as your haul-out company. We consider ourselves heroes because we recycle or donate 70% of the materials we haul away. The term “junk removal” implies that your unwanted items have no use somewhere else. We know that this is not the case! We spend countless hours sorting the unwanted items we collect to donate to local charities, various centers, schools, and local artists. Everything that cannot be re-purposed is sorted for recycling. If you have a charity or cause that could use donations of clothing, lightly used furniture, or anything else, please call us! We would love to be your hero!


Here are some of the things our valued customers had to say about our Haul-Out Heroes!

"I had a great experience with Haul-Out. The guys showed up early, they were super friendly, they did everything and more."

-Amanda (Philadelphia, PA) 

"Everything was great. They called us ahead of time and asked if it was ok to come early. They did everything in a timely manner, and they even cleaned up out back! I couldn't have asked for a better service."

-Hazel (San Diego, CA)

"They were fast, very clean, and they really take pride in their work"

-Janet (Pittsburgh, PA)

"They were wonderful! They showed up early, they did everything they needed to do, the whole experience was great. They even apologized for showing up early!"

-Jenn (Bucks County, PA)

"Was I happy? Sure am! We were really impressed; they were gracious and quick. They made me feel very comfortable in my own home"

-Maggie (Solana Beach, CA)

"We love your service and will use you again. Your guys were on time, very professional, friendly, and clean! Thank you for keeping in touch."

-Mr. H (Philadelphia, PA)

"Excellent job, thorough, friendly, fair rates" 

-Peter (Pittsburgh, PA)

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